About ESCES company


Sídlo společnosti ESCES

ESCES spol. s r.o. has been in operation since the beginning of 1993, when the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic granted it a licence for free customs warehousing (SCS), which is today Free Zone I. ESCES’ main business activity is provision of comprehensive customs services with placement of goods into a free customs zone – Free Zone I – at the ESCES spol. s r.o. warehouse in Prague-10, Malešice, Tiskařská ul. 563/6. The size of the ESCES premises is 10,000 m2 and the entire area is guarded 24/7.

Goods delivered from abroad placed in the ESCES free zone are not subject to import duties or business/political measures (value added tax – VAT, excise duty). Goods may be placed in the free zone and free zone warehouse regardless of quantity, origin or destination for an unlimited period of time. Goods stored in the free zone may be traded, re-exported or transferred from one owner to another without any restrictions; Czech goods retain their status as Czech goods even after a change of ownership. With the consent of the Customs Administration, industrial (manufacturing) or trading activity, provision of services and maintenance, division, re-packaging and merging of goods may take place in the free zone according to the client’s needs. Since these activities take place outside of the customs territory of the Czech Republic they are not subject to customs duties or taxation. The ESCES spol. s r.o. Free Zone is located in the Prague 10 industrial zone with convenient access to the Prague ring road and connections to the highway network.

The capacity of the warehouse accommodates storage of goods on up to 5,600 800×1200×1250 mm euro palettes on shelves, 2,000 euro palettes in open covered areas including temperature controlled areas, and storage of goods in an outdoor area and on trucks in the warehouse area.